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WOOD texture

wooden artwork


Wood Artwork Installation

Wood texture made of wall boards separately painted in fading various colors.

All materials in the "Tipping Point " micro brewery pub are solid to give a sense of permanence and consistency as opposite to the obsession of “sleekness” and “newness” so typical in Hong Kong’s interiors which end up being so “old” already after a few years. Ageing element is actually kept in account as an added value in recognizing the beauty of the signs of times on a solid surface.

Wooden textures was made by fading layers of paints by looking at Tai’O typical fisherman house where like a patchwork a variety of wood colors and textures.  Wood panels are made of boards taken form boats or other houses and when assembled together they never happened to have the same color and furniture are frequently made of the same building material of architecture like cement, tiles, painted wood and in order to resist the time they always come in heavy and thick thicknesses.

Wooden surfaces  painted in various colors is like a skin that covers both vertical and horizontal surfaces. These panels are framed on the walls by horizontal brass profiles and vertical concrete textured pillars. The same wooden texture is also used for tops of counters and tables, framed by thick solid wood edges some of these tops have angular irregular shapes as if they were cut-out pieces.       


Designed by | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.

Construction by | Hung Limited

Pictures by | Dennis Lo 

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