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ipad support

Product Design/ For OYO

FLIP is a cushion molded with two recessed surfaces to fit iPad* in the horizontal position by one side and in the vertical position by the other side. Internal pocket is designed in the middle of the volume to give the iPad*a safe storage. The cushion is covered by an elastic fabric hiding the recesses and allowing the object to keep a perfect shape. FLIP doesn’t appear like an accessory but like a life-style product; when it is not used as iPad* holder it could be left on the sofa or on the bed as a spare cushion.

Flip is designed to be used indoor only and because of its aesthetic and quality of materials it naturally fits in any interior.

Vertical recess is located by one side, horizontal recess is located by the other side. It is suggested to place the iPad* in the recess by placing the short side first. Internal pocket is available for safe storage. Cushion is molded in fire-proof tested memory foam made of 100% polyurethane and an EVA profile around the recess make it suitable to fit for iPad1, iPad2 as well as the new iPad. Elastic fabric (25% spandex and 75% Polyester) is coated to prevent dust and spots.

FLIP ‘s angular shape is designed to place the tablet on the best position to users’ eye. Ergonomic shape and soft materials make daily use of iPad* extremely pleasant and easy in any posture. Quality fabric also invites users to comfortably lay their palms upon it while typing. Tapered vertical edge along recesses allows an easy grip on tablet’s side. 

By placing iPad* on this support the user is enabled to relax and enjoy it better  as there is no need to hold it or constantly adjust its position. Whether the tablet is placed on external recess or in internal pocket soft materials surround and protect it against possible impacts. Free sample might be available on request.

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for Arboit Ltd.

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