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“KH Gears” is one of the largest gears producers in Asia based in Zhuai ( China) . This company is specialized in high quality gears and most of the clients are major industries form Europe and US. The high value of their products and the extraordinary scientific heritage of the company are the inspiration of the project that also aims to define a new image of the brand.

The concept pays tribute to the actual beauty of the gears; artworks inspired by their balanced design have been created and used as theme to characterize the spaces. Thanks to the use of a new German technology in printing wallpaper, used for the first time in Asia, it is now possible  to replicate the same color and texture of the wall paint and eventually to present the digital artwork as part of the same wall surface.

These gears’ graphic artworks are scaled up to architectural size and installed on strategic elevations. Images have an amazing resolution and at the same time because of the continuity of texture and color with the paint of the rest of the wall they look as effective as “frescoes”.

Gears artworks seem to embody the values of this company’s quality and reminds of the intrinsic beauty that lies within technical perfection. 

Some of the rooms are used as testing and engineering laboratories. Clients are constantly visiting these laboratories and a signage display located next to the door to introduce each laboratory. The green of “KH gears” logo is used for this display to remind of the environmentally friendly company’s policy and the typical font of computer’s early days is used for the words. Epoxy resin is used for the floor.


Designed by | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.
Pictures by | Dennis Lo

KH Gears是亚洲其中一间最大的机电组件生产商,主要生产和加工顶级的齿轮及其他精细的零部件,客户群为欧美的大型生产商。这次的项目位于他们选址在珠海的办工室,设计的重点为突出产业的价值及该企业对研发和设计的重视,透过办公室新的视角设计,更新并优化品牌形象。


空间设计 | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.
空间摄影 | Dennis Lo

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