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Arts Hotel


ARTS hotel is an hospitality project openly dedicated to the concept of artisanal heritage and future. As a reaction to the standardized industrial production the chine popular culture has been discovering in these years the preciousness of the handmade  techniques both in terms of aesthetic beauty, in terms of cultural value, heritage and also in terms of sustainable solutions for production of interiors fittings and  furniture which are normally quite polluting.

This estate is a former glass factory that is now being converted to artisanal production though the many design studios, laboratories and sales point. A citadel of artisanal skills located outside Chengdu whose hotel is its heart : a place for social interactions, commercial initiatives and exhibition spaces. Along the standard rooms the new idea of this concept offers renting out creative studios for artists who want to enjoy a creative space including all the tools for a weekend to produce art pieces. 

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.

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