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office and shopping arcade


Architecture and

Urbanspace Design

This Urban estate in the outskirt of Guangzhou is dedicated mainly to offices and stores. The master-plan wants to recreate the typical human scale environment of the  historical European cities. This project tries to complete the intent of an urban quality space  by improving it with green feature, public seating, strategic events.

The main feature is  the concept of the green "Urban Lounge": an environmentally conscious  public space with the same appeal and design features of a great lounge. Public seating for instance is not about benches but sculptural shapes more similar to art objects scattered on the space and green lawns are designed on inclined sections to offer an ergonomic seating.
Tensile fabric structures and variations of canopies and  awnings are proposed in areas of public gathering to offer repair form the sun and improve the micro climate.
Temporarily modular stalls are offered by the public administration to local business  to animate the public spaces with street market and special events.

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for Arboit Ltd

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