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Architecture and

Landscape Design

Coleman House is a duplex villa unit located in a residential area. Design is developed in relation to the juxtaposition of the north facade towards the public space and the south side towards the private space, the garden. The south side facing the garden has a very angular and “open” elevation as the walls are trying to protect the portico areas by creating more shadows against the sun and repairing from the winds in order maximize the quality space in between indoor and outdoor. The de-structured wooden architecture surfaces made of wooden stripes along the profile of walls and roof defines the edge of the first floor by creating some filtered area to allow experiencing outdoor wile being repaired by sun, rain and winds.  While the back side towards to garden is fragmented and open to the green  the facade by the street is instead very uniform and linear and is designed to protect the privacy and have an elegant look.

One floor villa is designed with semi-prefabricated panels. An additional wooden stripes structure along roof and walls profile helps filtering the sun to allow a smooth continuity between outside and inside.  Day-time area of the house is opened towards the garden  through an extensive sun porch to ensure this filtering area is a crucial part of the architectural layout. Night-time area faces the street. As bedrooms don’t need much openings the facade is quite closed in order to both preserve privacy and deliver a quite linear design. All architecture material and design criteria have been formulated considering sustainable construction philosophy. Materials and construction technique are part of an experimental program named “Passive House” to minimize energy consumption by limiting thermal dispersion and thanks to a  constant natural ventilation system allows the cooling during hot months and preserve heating during cold season.

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for Arboit Ltd.

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