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This project has been designed after the construction of the data center head quarter of the same company – Cloud DCS – in Nasha, and it is taking inspiration from it regarding the main guide lines of the concept .

The location is very prestigious because the office is going to occupy the entire floor of the of the 57th floor of the building …… this is famous for being the first air-conditioning green building thanks to a very sophisticated technology of natural conditioning of air.

We take advantage of the rounded lines of the  building by designing the most efficient floor plan as it is layered around the circular corridor: this solution allows the most dynamic method for the floating of the information. As the principle of internet demonstrates, the centrality of a pole of information distributes  information more efficiently. The office sections are along the principal round corridor while in the “cut bout’ corner area are concentrated the panty and relax islands also to break down the continuity of the open office area. In order to bread down the continuity of the open office area we also designed some semi-translucent fabric dividers which contained an LED fabric allowing changing color according to the hour of the day. The concept also is defined by the brand ID color identity already defined by the data center project including 8 tones of blue used for the artwork of the bespoke carpet which is dramatically juxtaposed to the absolute white of all the rest of the project architectural surface expert for the sentry glass expression glass laminate of the glass partitions containing a fading of blue.

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.





空间设计 | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.


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