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Artystyle is the diffusion line of Artis one of the popular high street fashion brands in China.

The concept behind the idea of the shops is “Orthography”: an orderly design system of displaying clothes through an extensive variety of solutions to ensure a constant level of attention by costumers and a strong visual common denominator to make the signature element of the brand Artystyle coming out.

Rails and bold volumes are combined in a range of solution to serve any possible displaying scenario and fit every locations form the spacious flagship store to the narrow concession space.

The crisis of the retail space caused by the increasing online shopping trends is taken in account by proposing to diversify the retail environment with a room for social interactions. A sofa lounge is installed within the retail space to offer an oasis of relax, a place for meeting friends, enjoying a coffee, recharge energies out of a demanding shopping afternoon.

This “social room” is characterized by an intimate vibe created by a canopy of linen stripes surrounding the area and separating it from the rest of the floor. This soft divider made of is one of the main element of “Orthography” conceptual system: its linear and clean geometry makes it suitable to be combined with the other design elements and its neural character makes is convenient to multiple usages such as  articulating the retails space, preserve privacy, screening the fitting room areas, displaying advertising pictures or promotional messages in an original way.


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