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Architecture and

Branding Design


“U plus” is a brand identity project. It is a very articulated work in which architecture, graphic, product design and marketing work together to define the profile of a new company. Client is “Chenergy” a major group of companies involved in oil industry. One of the companies of the group is a gas station chain named “Yougali” which has  a particularly dated brand identity.


Core idea of the project is conceiving the gas station not just like a series of facilities but more like an experience of good design and quality of life. The concept is inspired by the idea of speed and aesthetic of Formula One world: sleek lines, modern appeal and bold style graphic in order to change people’s perception of using a gas station from something purely functional to a life-style experience.


The very innovative element of the platform is the digital display that is arranged along the full height of the pillars. In normal gas stations information and advertising are arranged on flags hanging from the shelter in a very messy way

“U plus” will display the information in Chinese: a peculiarity of Chinese writing language is they words could be written in a vertical way, therefore the writings could slide vertically on the display providing so many information in a quite short amount of time. This pillars-display is really a powerful tool of marketing and communication if we consider how many people stop by the gas pump for just few minutes every day.


Shelter will define the architecture of the gas station.  A red corner light will stand as a light of recognition. It will be seen from very far to reassure drivers as a secure station to check the car and a pleasant place to have a rest because of the quality of the service and the good design of the features.


In all the Gas stations there is going to be a building which will run all the facilities a gas station needs to have: store, work shop, café, storage etc.. . The building is designed in a modular system in order to provide flexible solutions to different needs and different locations. Shape of the roof is following design guidelines of shelter to provide a stronger unified image of the Gas Station.


The design of the Car wash consists in the shelter that covers the technical structure of the car wash. Surface of the shelter alternate metal and red acrylic. During a sunny day light will filter through acrylic section coloring light and water to provide a truly unique experience to the costumer when passing through the car washing.

The signage system is conceived within the graphic appeal of signage and architecture of F1 Pit Stops. The idea of speed and the world of Formula one are once again inspiration for this project in order to make this gas station different form the ordinary ones in terms of life-style and quality of design.


Many accessories are designed following the guideline of the concept in order to establish continuity within different items and reinforce the brand identity of the global picture.

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for DEM, inc.








空间设计 | Alberto Puchetti for branding agency DEM inc.

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