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Architecture and

Landscape Design

The village is a business center of offices and universities within a surface of 350.000 sqm park. All buildings are energy-fed by solar panels and are wrapped in a layer of brise-soleil wooden panels avoiding the contact of the sun on the actual building in order to maximize the thermostatic insulation and save energy spent for air-conditioning usage. Landscape design includes several water features and artificial hills through an articulated landscape design and a generous quantity of trees and bed flowers to render the space in between buildings like an attractive space for enjoying time and socializing during breaks.

The rooftop of the building is also covered by green layer, made of grass and trees to protect the building form the sun and to make a garden for the employees to enjoy for relaxing or working outdoor.

Design concept of buildings relates to the curved profiles of large ships. In the area around Nansha there are shipyards producing really big ships crossing the sea as well as rivers passing by these lands. It is a very typical figure within these regions ‘ landscape to see these angular monumental profiles maneuvering along the water sides. Large office windows reflect the position of important meeting areas as well as the office of the directors.

Master plan circulation comprehends a car free circulation in between buildings covered only by pollution-fee electric golf cars. Trucks and cars are arranged on another external layer of roads to serve each building necessities and to connect with the local highway through security gates. This external service circulation ring is also connected with the parking areas of each building and because of very high green fence is sort of concealed from sight as the intent of the landscape design concept is to separate the internal pollution fee area covering 90% of the estate surface from only a 10% covered by a concealed motorcars’ ring road.

 The shape of the buildings is also defined around courtyard designs to offer a natural opening alternative to the main facades and to offer a semi-private public space to experience a community feeling within large corporative offices.

Internal courtyards within the buildings serve to provide natural light and ventilation within a large scale building as well as to introduce green features within office life areas. At the base of this project there is an alternative criteria in conceiving the office building as a space not only dedicated to productivity but also to the quality of life.

Courtyard scheme building dedicated to studies for developing IT technologies in connection with the University of Guangzhou. Green courtyard within the buildings is a key area in the design of the building, like a precious heart protected by the building since it is a space dedicated to  interactive community activities of students.. 



Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for Arboit Ltd.
Pictures by | Dennis Lo