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Office space & sHOWOOM


The name of the concept for this project is “LINKING”.

The heart of the IT industries is about connecting: our lives are structured by digital platforms, operating systems, good degree of connectivity. For the good or the bad this digital networking is the fundamental component of our society and this project tries to translate this reality into a figurative language.

Next to Zhaoqing’s convention center there is a business district made of reasonably small 3-4 stories office buildings. One of these building is taken over by United Data as a regional headquarter for office and showroom. Showrooms are used as a marketing tool to present the company and sell its services of server provider though multimedia installations. The first floor of this 600 sqm typical floor plan is dedicated to the showroom while he second and third floors are dedicated to offices.   


The design feature of the first floor is within the ceiling and floor: while walls are reserved for displaying company contents though a number of multimedia installations the sculptural ceiling express the idea of networking by a dynamic three-dimensional pattern of layers in the typical colors of the brand which is then being reflected in the pattern of the carpet on the floor.

The same theme along with the color and material palette mixing up acid colors with light wood texture does characterize albeit with less emphasis, the design of the second floor office space and the VIP offices and lounge on the third floor.    

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.

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