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MUSEUM installation

Installation Design/ 


Exhibition Design of the permanent scientific collection located in the internal court of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum. The building was designed by the late Zaha Hadid and it is soon to be built. The floor plan of the building has a horseshoe design, and the courtyard is at the heart of the project.

This courtyard presents the opportunity of an open space with a highly scenographic potential because of a five stories height. This space is occupied by a flowing sculpture featuring multimedia display opportunities and a 180-degree screen suitable for 3d projection in front of a large public. Theme of the concept is celebrating Shenzhen as a world class epicenter of high technology industries and scientific research, therefore concentric design of the layout focusing on the geometric center of the building. A circular platform is located at the center of the layout to welcome visitors attending the 3d video projection while on the floor near by a variety of displays present the subject of the exhibition.

A special type of display is designed after the shape of a cloud: it has a modular hexagonal geometry and therefore it is suitable for a great deal of solutions. Each module could contain several media solutions such as displays, monitors, interactive screens, built in display recess for object.

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