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Architecture and

Urbanspace Design


Design of urban space, outdoor furniture, interiors of lobbies and hallways and redesign of some of the facades of shopping arcade “The Village” at Sanlitun in the heart of Beijing.     

Project in collaboration with Oval Partnership for the  design improvements regarding facades, urban spaces, interior design of an on going construction site concerning the first segment of a 1.5 millions square feet of leisure, retail and cultural district.


In the city who lost most of his urban quality the original master plan recalls the urban town design  of the historical Beijing which was made of narrow alleys, small squares and irregular alignments of facades. The spirit of the design is to develop a urban ground and  sustainable  environment characterized by a human scale space in which people feel  invited to go for shopping, social interaction or cultural activities.


The pattern of the floor reflects the fragmented design of the master plan and different graphic solutions are arranged to highlight the functionality of the individual spaces. Some of the facades are covered by angular sculptural surfaces made of metal and green wall to mitigate the harsh climate of Beijing: this material is made of tiles of turf kept together by an internal metal web.                      


Regarding the urban design benches and other installation are designed like sculptural art objects in order to enrich the aesthetic quality of the space.

Large tenso - structures canvas and awnings off some of the facades are installed to create shadow in order welcome shoppers during sunny days.

All the design projects aims to reach the goal of making the spaces as enjoyable as possible to be consistent with then original idea of urban quality.

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for Oval Partnership

总共覆盖一百五十万尺的第一阶段包含了商业,文化及休憩空间,由Oval partnership欧华尔顾问公司主理,联合一批享有盛名的建筑师规划了占地5.3万平方米,建筑面积达17.3万平方米的北京大型购物中心的规划设计。北京的历史反映在他的城市结构上:四通八达的胡同,不规则的建筑物外墙和小型广场。这些都希望反映在三里屯的设计规划上。



空间设计 | Alberto Puchetti for Oval Partnership

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