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Design and Architecture


Arboit Ltd Design and Architecture is a multidisciplinary firm created to provide design services including architecture, interior architecture, exhibition and multimedia design as well as furniture and products. This company extensive expertise in diverse types of projects embodies each client’s unique interests to create design branding signatures iconic projects that  are going to stand out.

Arboit Ltd was established in 2008 to respond to a demand for a unique niche of designers and project managers who have specialized skills and experience in creative design. The firm is based in Hong Kong and is particularly focused on Asian market, at the same time thanks to strategic partnerships and a special network of clients and suppliers is also operative in Europe, US, Australia and Middle East.


Arboit.ltd offers comprehensive interior design services for commercial, office, hospitality, exhibition and residential spaces, as well as restorations and conversions. We are specialized in branding design and  interiors: we provide not only the project of interior architecture but also the design of furniture, decoration and graphic artwork in order to ensure the strength of the concept. European designers based in Asia are currently enjoying new cultural exchanges and design language with their clients that ultimately enrich each project resulting in the combination of  European edgy design background with understanding of the local culture and lifestyle as well as the local technologies of constructions.



Alberto Puchetti

is the founder and artistic director of Arboit Ltd. Graduated at I.U.A.V. (University of Architecture of Venice – Italy) obtained a master degree with a project of “Design of a Multifunctional Residential Area within the new Scientific Park in Venice’s industrial harbor of Porto Marghera” and qualified as architect with part three habilitation. By having the opportunity to extend his knowledge through different fields like architecture, renovation of historical buildings, interior and furniture design he achieved a very precious experience.

From 2001 to 2004 he collaborated in London with Universal Design Studio – Barber Osgerby on high profile fashion stores like Stella McCartney’s flagship stores in New York’ s west 14th street and London’s Bruton Street as well as furniture and product design.

Collaboration with designer Michael Young and took shape as architect in charge of his interior architecture projects from 2003 to 2007 across Europe and Far East Asia including retail projects for Mandarina Duck and iconic plastic surgery clinics “Dr James” in Taipei and “Skin” in Florence. 

From 2005 Alberto had the opportunity to start working in Asia and permanent basis and deliver his own design vision being appointed by DEM. Inc.Asian leading branding agency as artistic director on a very wide range of projects from interior architecture of residential and hospitality projects to industrial design (Sony and Levi’s, Buick –General Motors).

By 2008 Alberto moved to Hong Kong where he collaborated with architectural firm Ovalpartnership on the design of urban space and interiors of 1.2 million square feet shopping arcade Santitun Village in Beijing and started working through his own office Arboit Limited on a variety of projects.



A new approach to Office Spaces

Arboit Limited as a design firm is interested in using spatial design to define new typologies of places to reflect necessities and potentialities of a fast changing society and to conceive a better quality of living.


A critical investigation on how office design could be improved by relating to the potentialities of associating “Work & Play”


The ability to play allowed people to look at the world in a new light and understand the opportunities of its roundness. Throughout history, the ability to play has helped man to survive flourish adapt and create. Play is an essential component of human culture which can be found in the roots of science, music, art and critical component for the healthy development of each individual.


By combining together “Work and Play” we could radically evolve the basic concept of working space from a functional interior to a much exciting experience.


We live in a world whose physical form increasingly segregates us into separate places to sleep, eat, learn, work, and play. Modernist concepts of floor plans define each section of a building into specialized components which meet particular functions. These concepts are guided by the belief that man can reach his maximum potential in any aspect of his life in an environment which is specifically designed for and dedicated to that purpose. Studies have demonstrated instead that our ability to fulfill essential life processes is a function of our emotional and physiological state as well as the surrounding environment.


Although the immediate environment can indeed affect our behavioral responses, the processes of our lives cannot be treated as mutually exclusive functions. Our emotional and physiological framework can operate on many levels, simultaneously or in sequence. An environment which only promotes one kind of response may not help fulfill other essential processes. Since we are capable of reading several layers of meaning into our world, it is possible to create places which can encourage a variety of life processes at once: the work & play experience is able to do this .


Work & play is frequently associated with “lateral thinking” which is an method of work based on generating ideas rather than proving answers, it welcomes different ways of establishing relationships between ideas and thrives on sequences of events which are unusual, if not impossible. Within physical spaces defined by concepts combining together “Work and Play” people can achieve a degree of concentration and spontaneity which exceeds their standard and can release from the stress and strain of work, providing opportunities for activities which are self motivated.


Although unconscious play does not require a specific location, it can be prompted by the surroundings of a stimulating office interior design . Fantasy and daydreams are the fertilizer for creative, innovative growth where man relives his past and builds whole new futures out of nothing. When the environment offers one or two clues which recall our creativity, our mind is prone to make new combinations of ideas:


“I am what I imagine I could be”


In Work & Play we react to our surrounding in new and different ways; we see and touch our world from a new perspective and attach new meanings to our environment. We don’t normally react to the work space around us in passive compliance; we tend to engage ourselves in interactive way with the space around up so much so our fantastic office design would become the arena of our incredible doing.