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Promotional showroom of the top Chinese battery producer for electrical vehicles KL Clean.

The purpose of this project is introducing to clients and investors the range of products and services the company provides and celebrating values and vision of a brand that  has always believed in the green revolution of car industry.

Concept of the design is a journey within a virtual green forest. The race track design provides the "cool " factor and with the help of the graphic layout communicate the elegant spirit of sportive cars of the 70's. The race truck has a very dynamic  and curvaceous design  to embody the brand energy.

The content of the exhibition is highly technical it explain the role and the advantages of the battery inside engines, but the clarity of the exhibition layout introduce an element of friendliness that make the show more captivating and interesting.

Within "green' area of the exhibition product gallery are arranged to display in details the actual products. Meeting room is arranged at the end of the tour for private discussions.

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