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For Levi's

Product Design/ For LEVI'S


Levi’s Briefed a project of a hanger specifically designed to hang jeans in the shops.

When approaching the rack it is every costumer’s necessity to find out basic information like the jean size, and the price of the jeans and the tag by the extremity of the hanger works on this purpose.

Concept of the hanger is inspired by Aborigine’s boomerang and communicates the brand identity of Levi’s recalling the spirit of uncontaminated and wild spaces as well as reproducing the full red brand ID color .  Hanger in die cast Aluminum painted in polyester power, hook in Abs.


Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for branding agency

为服装品牌Levi's所设计的衣架,专门用于店中的牛仔裤。当顾客把牛仔裤拿上手,首先想知道的必然是尺码,标价,价钱等的基本资讯。这个衣架便是为了方便顾客获得上述的 资讯而设计的。

衣架的外型以原住民的回力镖为灵感,与品牌形象中的纯粹的精神有共共鸣,同时以品牌的重点色作为主色。衣架以铝合金制,透过压铸工艺塑型,表面漆以 环氧聚酯粉末涂料。挂钩为ABS树脂。

产品设计| Alberto Puchetti for branding agency DEM inc.

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