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Flagship store


The 120 sqm shop celebrates Ittala’s craftsmanship and is located in “New Square” a branch of the Miramar shopping mall.. Ittala is a glorious Scandinavian artisanal design brand .


The main design feature is a sculptural wall recreating the molds normally used for the vases. This feature wall is normally the background wall of the cash counter. It is  an idea to be repeated in different shops for keeping the design identity even if in different location the layout is different.


Another special feature is the front counter as it is designed to have stools sitting around to welcome costumers for special session of workshops, special presentations  or enjoying a coffee in order to make the shopping experience closer to a real life-stile moment instead of a mechanic transaction.  


Special attention is dedicated to the design of the typical extruded  metal shelf produced specifically for this project by Industrial designer Michael Young.  The craftmanship of this shop express the kind of quality mission this company is dedicated to. This design will be covering all the brands’ stores in Asia.


Project in Collaboration with Michael Young

Architecture by | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.
Management and Construction by | Rich Honour


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