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Mandarina Duck

Flagship store


Mandarina Duck is a brand that has always cut an original position within the fashion world. Since the first steps of this 500 sqm on two floors project the intent was to avoid any aspect of the typical high street minimalist luxurious style. An innovative concept has taken shape by combining a family displays inspired by garden furniture and extremely sophisticated artsy features like screen dividers worked out by CNC on Corian, surreal sculptures and high-resolution floor printing and wallpaper. 


The project is the result of a process of great departure form the standard shop and the use of very colorful high-resolution artworks designed by Katrin Olina for the covering of  floor and walls. The artwork inspired by the theme of “acid garden” tries to establish a connection with young costumers because of a contemporary visual culture. 


Artwork engraved on back illuminating Corian replicate textures inspired by natural material, while the staircase in the center of the store is meant to have a sculptural thanks to the corian panels worked out by CnC and curved by thermoforming  and back illuminated by the steps.All bespoke furniture are designed for this project only and produced by Cappellini  contract.

The project took also the shape of a Pop-up store in Milano for the propotion of the brand.


Project in collaboration with :

Furniture/concept by Michael Young

Graphic design by Katrin Olina
Architecture by | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.

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