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Architecture and

Landscape Design


Along the south-west shore of Koh Samui, terraced loot over looking Taling Ngam Bay is the location for a six row scheme villas. The land surface is not very generous .

therefore properties need to be designed to make the best use of the available space. This project is part of a 20.000 sqm resort design including individual villas, clubhouse as well as small apartment’s low-height condos.

Given the limited land surface the design choice of angular shape allows to fit the wavy terraced landscape of the shore as well as is inspired by the typical texture of Thai fabric design. This angular masterplan allows each building to open up as much as possible its elevations towards the bay. Angular shape of infinity pool and outdoor area is framed by a gabion wall and a screen of concrete panels supporting a water feature.


Like theatrical scenes these inclined concrete panel block the view towards next villa’s terrace to preserve neighbors’ privacy and at the same time open up to the eastern view of the bay.

An internal courtyard allows natural light and ventilation on each room along the full length of the building.

Unlike the concrete block aesthetic of the standard hospitality architecture in Thailand this project aims to melt architecture and landscape by defining the design of these terraces through angular lines inspired by the shape of Taling Ngam’s shore.

The intent of the project is to deliver a visually low impact architectural intervention and to relate to the site’s landscape design.

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for Arboit Ltd.

一连六间的联排别墅座落在苏梅岛的西南海岸的一片台地上,完美俯瞰达灵岩。项目是一个总体 20,000 平方米的度假区规划,当中包括独立别墅,会所以及低层公寓式住宅。别墅座落的地理位置虽然景观吸引,但要在台地上建设联排别墅,先要突破台地本身的限制。




空间设计 | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.

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