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A new concept of 5 stars hotel is becoming more and more popular in Asia. It is dedicated to young costumers who need to have a place for a short stay and each part of it, every space , every room, every restaurant and lobby develops its own playful design concept. This kind of hotel which doesn’t necessarily have to be a “love hotel “is called “funtel” to highlight the fun-driven component.  As a matter of fact this hotel has a very diversified crowd of costumers who would come for different reasons. There are couples as well as party people and business men looking for a fancy place to meet or large families who want to gather for a celebration in a private space. Rates of this hotel are not calculated per days as normal hotels but per hours. Being a 5 stars hotel means that rates are not necessarily cheap but it ends up being more convenient if a large private room is needed for few hours only.  

Costumers are allowed to access the hotel directly by car, they will check-in at the entrance of the garage by the tunnel at the ground floor. A private garage is located next to each room in order to let costumers park their car first and access their room directly without going through any lobby space, avoiding meeting people and preserve their own privacy. If costumers don’t arrive by car they could actually access the room through lobbies and corridors which in the floor plan are located by the other side of the rooms.

This Garage is not just a functional place but in this case becomes a sort of entrance space therefore needs to be designed with the same relevance of a lobby hotel. Concept of this garage is “The landing runaway” to welcome people arriving in a new planet. Each floor is characterized by a different color.


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