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cloud dcs office space



Surface: 1800 sqm

Time of construction:  2 years:

The aim of the project is a figurative celebration of internet seen as a stream of information crossing the space and people are involved in this unearthly reality finding themselves walking clouds. To reinforce this concept some other spaces like the product gallery or the meeting room are covered in clouds pattern designed in Illustrator software and printed out on a plastic film then laminated between glass panels, in order to get amazing results for an artwork on a floor both  in terms of color resolutions and reflections.

Oval shape meeting room is located in the middle of the control room where technicians check 24 hours a day the status of the data centers through monitors. Given the large spaces and high ceiling of the building designer took the opportunity to build an architecture within a room. Gigantic windows overlooking the control room are part of an aerodynamic volume that seems to be traveling across the space. Theme of air-walking is expressed by the design of the floor clouds pattern printed into plastic film laminated between 900x 900 glass tiles. The interior space of the room is articulated by internal partitions upholstered in white leather to cut out from the main room a few smaller and cozier areas for small informal meetings, occasional work sessions and recharging batteries of devices. Material palette juxtaposes white Italian “carrara” marble with stainless steel, white upholstery leather with Sentry Glass Expression laminate floor in order to create an exclusive place for business discussion. Lobby is designed to summarize in one space the vibe of the project and to present the spirit of the brand as this is the place where visitors are welcomed. The concept of the “Infinite Loop” is depicted in this room by having lines in the brand’s seven tones of blues alternated to white boards of resin turning seamlessly around all surfaces of the room. The juxtaposed layering of wall sections renders an image of magic maze and allows the installation in the hidden undercut areas of concealed small kitchenette, storage and small wardrobes. Side walls are covered by reflective glass laminated panels to multiply the depth of the room highlighting the concept of “Infinite Loop” in order to celebrate digital communication culture as a breaking walls and crossing boundaries force.

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for Arboit Ltd.

Pictures by | Dennis Lo



第一印象至为重要, 所以入口大厅的设计必须有效的把品牌的形象和灵魂以最有力最吸引的方式呈现在来访者的面前。设计师最后选择了以一层层的无缝树脂面板做成交错穿梭整个空间的线条,配以白色和代表了品牌的七种蓝色调,模仿数据世界里无限的资讯流动。墙身部份层层交叠的特色设计呈现一种几乎是迷官一般的视角效果,并巧妙的把收纳空间和茶水间都隐藏起来。另一边则是反射度高的夹层玻璃, 有效增加了空间感和层次感; 反射在墙身的影象,也同时表达了数据世界里,资讯传播能突破物理界限的意象。

空间设计 | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.
​空间摄影 | Dennis Lo

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