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united dATA
Office space


Why is office one place where people have to go instead of the space where they want to go? How interior design could change that? What if office is a space where people work and play, isn’t having fun at work one of the key ingredients of a successful job performance?  By combining “Work and Play” we could radically evolve the basic concept of working space from a functional interior to a much exciting experience.


This project is a critical investigation on the office design could be improved by relating to the potentiality of associating “Work and Play”.


The client of this project is IT industry leader company United Data, but this 700 sqm office space is offered to new start-up companies United Data is investing on by also being their shareholder.

The design tries to interpret the young and competitive spirit of this industry and by tapping into the highly energetic psychological work environment tries to formulate a new playful office design format where people enjoy working.


Given 700 million users Chinese IT industry has been growing at impressive speed both in terms of profits as much as technological innovations and business ideas and to any observer this work environment does remind the one of antagonistic sports both in terms of competitiveness and fun-driven attitude.


We also have to keep in account the young age of these startup entrepreneur and the project has to catch the spirit of this community. Design is therefore inspired by the theme of sports , in particular American football, regarding the graphic of open floor carpet, the shape of the built-in furniture and details. The spatiality of the main space is actually structured as a figurative take of a big football lawn.  Motivational slogans applied on soft dividers articulating the space. Dividers implement flexible solutions since the layout of the open space is likely to constantly change according to the setting of the start up companies.     

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.

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