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wego HOTEL



2005 台湾台北

We Go hotel doesn’t really have a specific theme nevertheless we could say that the generic feeling of this place is the fantasy world. The atmosphere is surreal and the client asked for a romantic restaurant dedicated to lovers. In the history of garden design labyrinths have always been the places for the lovers to meet. In this project I tried to redefine this romantic theme in a contemporary way. Instead of Greek sculptures there are art toys painted in gold and instead of fake box plants there is a soft structure made of green carpet, foam layers and wood to define the concentric layout of the tables. In this way it is possible to organize the space in a quite effective way, fill the space with a shape and ensure privacy between tables. Ceiling is actually following the same lay-out of the floor plan featuring a “milky way” of led lights. At the center of this concentric layout there is a big pillar hidden inside a surreal lovers ‘meeting tower.

Client asked to design a very discrete space. Costumers entering the room by car through the private garage would allow the maximum privacy. Corridors are very large, they need to have dividers to articulate space and create a visual filter to protect the privacy if more costumers happen to be in the corridor at the same time. Concept of the corridor is the “Crystal Forest”.  The dark space of the corridor is divided in the center by bamboo sticks wrapped by fabric made of crystals and spotlights are just directed to the door and the crystal dividers. 

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.


空间设计 | Alberto Puchetti for branding agency DEM, inc.

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