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Architecture and

Landscape Design


Briefing of Villas resort project located on a very steep loot overseeing a beautiful bay gives the opportunity to create prime quality villas based on a layout of overlapping terraces to expose the first floor living area towards the west to enjoy the sunset light and bedrooms’ second floor area towards east to enjoy the morning light. Traditional style architecture of the roof made in dry bamboo and hay ensure a naturally ventilated habitat . 20.000 sqm master plan’s design includes individual and row-scheme villas, clubhouse as well as small apartment’s low-height condos.

Villa’s layout is characterized by overlapping terraces. First floor living area is exposed towards west, south-west to enjoy the sunset light and second floor area faces east, south east to let bedrooms be illuminated by the soft morning light. Thanks to the terrace structure on which the building is based, the angular shape of the volumes and the opening of doors and windows towards three cardinal directions ensure natural ventilation and a spectacular 180 degrees view over Taling Ngam Bay. 

Presence of the water in traditional thai-architecture has a mandate on the micro climate of the building. The full length stretch of water pool along the bedroom side helps cooling down the heat during the day and warming up the air during the night. Unlike the concrete block aesthetic of the standard hospitality architecture in Thailand this project aims to melt architecture and landscape by defining the design of these terraces through angular lines inspired by the shape of Taling Ngam’s shore.  

The intent of the project is to deliver a visually low impact architectural intervention and to relate to the site’s landscape design.

By studying the shape of landscape and associating its angular profile to the cultural heritage of Thai traditional patterns the villa’s layout came up as a natural choice. Terraces scheme of both floors standing on pillars lift the building into mid-air exposing the building on all 3 sides to natural light and ventilation and elevating it from the ground surface for the jungle. 

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for Arboit Ltd.



​由于项目座落的位置独特,建筑设计上容许了把门窗规划成三面的对流,不但通风良好,而且坐拥180度的完美景观。 同时,水亦扮演着相当重要的角色,影响着内部空间的微观环境:卧室外部的等高水墙起了在日间降温,晚间降温的调节作用。


空间设计 | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.​

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