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Inspired by the aerodynamic design of an airplanes  turbine engine as well as by the glorious tradition of modern Scandinavian design of the 60s (Panton, Saarinen, Jacobsen). Aerodrome is a family of lamps designed to adjust the mood of the room towards the smooth coolness typical of first class airport lounges.

The table lamp demands to be placed within a clear area. With its curved, sculptural profile Aerodrome already “fills” the surrounding space while its profile is visually rich enough to decorate that part of the room and inspire a feeling of elegance.

Also, when light is turned on the light reflected on the white metal surface points above illuminating walls and ceiling with a smooth bean of light while the laser-cut profiles project curved shapes of light on the surface of the table. This table lamp is then perfect for both the lounge as well as for the desk.  When the light is off the shape of the lamp is highlighted by the stark contrast of colors between the external surface and the flower-like interior surface of the top.

Aerodrome is made in aluminum through the spinning process

Aerodrome is produced and distributed worldwide by Northern Lighting.

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for Arboit Ltd.

灵感来自飞机涡轮发动机上跟据流体力学设计的线条以及由60年代开始在Panton, Saarinen和Jacobsen等设计大师的带领下持续疯魔世界的北欧设计美学和传统。 Aerodrome是一系列个性鲜明的灯具,把机场贵宾室的俐落型格带入一般的室内空间。

Aerodrome灯具由Northern Lighting灯具公司所生产及销售。

灯具設計 | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.

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