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petals of Thailand




Architecture and

Landscape Design

The villa resort has dedicated to an organic vision to the industry of tourism that in Thailand has always been quite commercial and more oriented to profit than design ideas. This project is not dedicated to the fast tourism but target  the quite wealthy segment of Scandinavian retirees who planned to live in Thailand most of the year for quite some time. Houses are therefore quite large  as they meant to welcome rest of the family visiting from home.

The inspiration of the design is the organic design of the petals scattered on a bowl of water. They naturally fit next to each other because of the curvaceous shape and they never seems visually repetitive such as the typical terraces houses whose design is fine in the western metropolises but are particular sad in vacation places.

The pentagonal shape of the garden balance off  of the building section creating a cut off slice of paradise as a living unit. 

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