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excelle limited edition

Branding and Packaging Design/ For BUICK


Alcatara covers  every soft surface of the interior

Anodized aluminum for metal surfaces.

Accessories in Corian.


The concept of this project is quite abstract: Interior of a car as a “Golden Nest”: feeling cozy and protected in a marvelous design environment, in a similar way we experience when we are inside a luxurious fashion store.

Interior design is important to all of us, even if we don’t realize we react to the quality of our surroundings. In a beautiful interior of car, we feel relaxed and protected, because the quality of materials and details warms up our sensations.

Design of the seat:  by using two colors, beige for the font and orange on the sides, chair looks much slimmer and sensual – exactly like a chase lounge, rather than just a car seat.


As opposite to a steady family car, I tried to design a  car that represents today's sense of fashion: extreme simplicity in design lines, refined materials and good detailing – the combination of these elements turns to be a very luxurious design work.  

Color scheme of the seats and dashboard has been decided in order to rouse warms sensations and to appeal to young consumers as opposite to the stern range of  grays or beiges of ordinary cars .


For the first time Corian is used as swift knob. Corian is an innovative material which gives freedom to aesthetic design.  Safe and clean, Corian is widely used for hygienic installations therefore it is perfect for being used for a shift knob: it is easy to clean, pleasant to touch, and could be engraved. Client could have initials engraved on the swift knob to personalize the interior of the car.


Alcantara is a material widely associated to yacht industry – an exclusive idea of prestige and elegance – This fabric has been used for interior of luxurious cars in Europe and Asia for many years. “Excelle Casa” is the first car in Asian Market to use such a precious material.

Kicking board is specifically designed for this limited edition. Made in anodized aluminum it has LED lights inside to welcome the user every time the door opens. Accessories made of synthetic leather and Alcantara.


The project of this limited edition of “Buck Excelle” is strongly related to the world of the interiors of fashion stores both for the design concept and for the choice of precious and innovative materials. To reinforce fashion appeal a line of accessories is designed in continuity with the concept of the car: neck tie, agenda, a computer bag to fit on the back of the seat.

Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for branding agency





阿卡塔拉布料是其中一种最广泛被使用在游艇上的高级布料,代表品味和尊贵,在欧亚的汽车产业中亦是高级车款的专用布料。而Excelle Casa是亚洲市场中第一款使用这种布料的车款。


产品设计| Alberto Puchetti for branding agency DEM inc.

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