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A new generations of industrial parks for data centers and offices is conceived to be totally dedicated to the theme of green sustainable energy, including club houses, exhibition and  show rooms. Master plan circulation comprehends a car free circulation in between buildings covered only by pollution-fee electric golf cars. Trucks and cars are arranged on another external layer of roads to serve each building necessities and to connect with the local highway through security gates. This external service circulation ring is also connected with the parking areas of each building and because of very high green fence is sort of concealed from sight as the intent of the landscape design concept is to separate the internal pollution fee area covering 90% of the estate surface from only a 10% covered by a concealed motorcars’ ring road. Buildings are actually located on caesura position in between the motorcars circulation and the “green” circulation network of alleys: each building has two separate entrances, main entrance is facing the green landscape with the golf cars parking lots, the back facade is instead facing the motorcar parking lots connected with the external ring road both concealed by sight thanks to high green fence. A golf cars parking loot is also located right after the entrance gate once the visitors leave the car in the parking space outside the entrance building. Power-station building producing electricity for the data centers is located in the center of the estate to integrate the energy produced for rooftop solar panels of each building. Landscape design includes several water features for supporting the underground cooling system and for aesthetic recreational intent in order to contribute to the inception of a mitigated open air micro-climate especially during the long heated summers typical of Southern China regions. Design of green area includes several artificial hills offering articulated landscape solutions and a generous quantity of trees and bed flowers to render the space in between data centers not a sort of “cut out” areas in between buildings but a real attractive space for enjoying time and socializing during breaks. The search of a green sustainable value and quality leisure features within the landscape design reflects a new sensibility in conceiving work spaces in China factories. Local government promotes “green projects” in order to bring environment-friendly policy at the center of the politic for new estate projects. On the other side the quality of the working space is a positive answer to alienation working conditions on common factories. Cloud DCS as leader IT industry wants to be ahead not only on a technological level but also in terms of a new social and environment issues-related sensibility.



Designed by | Alberto Puchetti for Arboit Ltd.

Pictures by | Dennis Lo



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