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CLOUD DCS showroom



Taking in account the name of the company , Cloud DCS, the theme of the project is about the image of a stream of clouds containing knowledge carried by winds and defining in the sky flowing layers of fading tones of blue to portray today’s digital communication. Fluidity and dynamism of clouds shaped by winds, is expressed by a layered ceiling 30 meters long sculpture to epitomize digital communications across space and highlight its immaterial and yet powerful nature. This ceiling feature is made of metal profiles painted in seven gradients of blue, covered by Barrisol’s stretch fabric back-illuminated by neon lights. The same rarefied artwork defined by the ceiling is reflected on the floor as a gigantic painting printed on the resin creating the impression of walking on the sky.

Showrooms' installations are presenting to the visitors all products and services provided by Cloud DCS. This space through different multimedia installations is also celebrating the history and culture of internet as well as the study of various social phenomena associated with internet and other forms of network communication, such as online communities, online multi-playing, wearable computing, social gaming, social media, mobile apps, augmented reality and texting. It’s a needed critical all-around investigation on nowadays digital culture including issues related to identity, privacy, and network formation.

Small installations dedicated to illustrate the development of Cloud DCS becoming over a few years one of the power player in Chinese IT industry and history of digital technology in the last twenty years and its impacts in our economic, cultural and social life.

The pure-white space inside the pavilion defines a strong contrast with the strong colors of the show room around thanks to the cuts of the architecture’s open structure. Oval aerodynamic shape suggests the idea of an object traveling along the sinuous lines of floor artworks as if transported by a windmills to bring a its content into the digital space.  The product gallery takes shape of a spiral to emphasize the theme of the movement and energy as essential common feature of when digital technology fits in our reality. Floor artwork is once again highlighting the “sky walking theme” and thanks to the reflective nature of laminate glass floor it manages in achieving an incredible color resolution as well as a reflective surface to mirror the curved geometric lines of the spiral. The end of the spiral is a full surface video monitor and is dedicated to interactive screenings around the theme social networks’ cultural opportunities.

​Designed by | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.

Pictures by | Dennis Lo





空间设计 | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.
​空间摄影 | Dennis Lo

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