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Craft beer tends to create a community culture. A room with an atmosphere, dim lights and a very strong sense of identity was in the client’s briefing a mandatory feature. Authenticity has been the driven motif in the developing design process. All materials are solid to give a sense of permanence and consistency and the ageing element is actually kept in account as an added value in recognizing the beauty of the signs of times on a solid surface.

Material board was made by looking at old and local typical fisherman houses where like a patchwork a variety of textures and materials are assembled together. Rusted textured metal sheets are bolted on each other in a irregular way, wood panels are made of boards taken form boats or other houses and when assembled together they never happened to have the same colour. Furniture are made to resist the time and they come in thick thicknesses.

Like words of a valuable language these irregular graphic textures and over layered colours are inspired by architectural motifs of Hong Kong's typical old fisherman house but when they come together they meet instead modern sensibility in deconstructive lines. Presence of brewery’s tanks adds a cool industrial look to the ambient. Interior design ends up being a branding operation: expressing through design company's values of authenticity.

​Designed by | Alberto Puchetti – Arboit Ltd.




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