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2006 Special Collaborative Project

with DuPont materials:

Corian and Sentry Glass Expression

For :

Taiwanese branding agency

Corian Panels are produced in modules, engraved by CNC machine and back illuminated by LED lights. Because Corian is a translucent material Artwork is highlighted by the back light passing through the thinner thickness of the engraved sign. Each panel is framed on the back by a metal profile fixing the panel along the  existing wall. Because of the modular use of lights different feeling could be achieved within the same space.

Sentry glass expression This technique which is known as Sentry Glass Expression consists of printing with Epson Ink an artwork in high resolution (700dpi) on PVB plastic film which is laminated onto safety glass to achieve outstanding printing results on large glass surfaces. Each tile (900 x 900) features a section of a gigantic artwork and the gap between which is filed by 8mm neutral color silicon profile allows continuity of the perception of artwork between tiles.

Because of the extremely  high resolution of the printing on film and because the top glass panel is fairly reflective surface this material manages to produce amazing  visual effects. This glass laminate could also be used to produce transparent vertical surfeces.       

Artwork by | Katrin Olina 
Concept and Furniture by | Michael Young 
Architect in charge | Alberto Puchetti - Arboit Ltd.



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